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Viajeros de las Americas
Photo courtesy of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Ubaldo Sanchez and Luis Perez made an alfombra at the Kennedy Center in 2009.
Photo courtesy of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The ephemeral art form of alfombras de aserrín, or sawdust carpets, is a Central American tradition performed during religious and secular celebrations, particularly for Easter.

The On the Move alfombra will be created by Los Viajeros de las Americas, a collaboration among artists from the greater Metropolitan Washington area’s diverse Central American communities. It will depict different stages of the journeys of migrants coming from the Americas, using natural materials such as seeds, sawdust, and flower petals.

The artists created an alfombra during the final two days of the 2017 Folklife Festival. In the closing ceremony, visitors were invited to walk through it, with a music and dance performance presented with support from the Embassy of Honduras.

Yolanda Alcorta
Ubaldo Sánchez
Astrid García
Marvin Cabrera
Vinicio Cabrera
David López
Byron Sánchez
Julian Sánchez
Jonny Vargas

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