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Kino Musica
Photo courtesy of Kino Musica
Photo courtesy of Kino Musica

Kino Musica melds music from across Africa and its diaspora into soulful sounds that educate and entertain. The band is an evolving voyage of musical and cultural discovery undertaken by four friends and veterans of the Washington, D.C., music scene.

With members of East African descent, Kino employs melodies from the Horn of Africa as a creative stepping stone to tell honest and personal stories. They instinctively combine these sounds with Cuban and Cape Verdean rhythms into a style beholden to no flag. Kino presents memorable performances all the while striving to make socially responsible music for all ages and cultures.

Kumera Genet, guitar
Besu Tadesse, saxophone, clarinet
Jonathan Een Newton, bass, cello
Regan Carver, tenor saxophone

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