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Site Credits

It takes a village to build a web site. If we have missed crediting anyone here, or incorrectly acknowledged someone, please let us know and we will add the proper information. Credits for the 2004 Smithsonian Folklife Festival program are included here, since the materials used for the on-line exhibition were based on the research collected for, and the documentation of presentations during, the Festival.

This site is dedicated to the Mid-Atlantic maritime community memebers who have passed away since the Festival program: Stewart Lester of Amagansett, New York; Ron Rue of Cambridge, Maryland; and Elmer Mackell of Prince Frederick, Maryland.

Funding for portions of the design, additional fieldwork, and extensive evaluation, was provided by a 2005 Smithsonian Institution Educational Innovation Grant of the Smithsonian National Board.

This site includes links to a variety of web sites around the Mid-Atlantic region. The linked sites are not under the control of the Smithsonian Institution, and the Smithsonian Institution is not responsible for the contents of any linked websites.

Curator: Betty J. Belanus

Design and Content/Main Site: Alexandra Goldschmidt; Meghan Krembel; Lauren Barkume; Kassia Randzio; Marisa Day

Design/Kids' Coast: Dave Simpson, Simpatico Design Studio

Web Technical Advisors: Toby Dodds; Steve Kidd; Sandra Vuong

Audio Advisor: Pete Reiniger

Video Content: Charles Weber; Issa Abdulcadir; Lauren Kritzer

Additional Fieldwork: Harold Anderson

Evaluation: Barbara Soren, Ph.D.

Reviewers: Harold Anderson; Carla Arnold; Lora Botinelli; Ronald Chacon; Shelly Drummond; Peg Koetsch; Bart McGarry; Virginia Morton; Carl Tarnow

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