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Lola Babayeva, Uzbekistan
Trained in a theater institute, Lola Babayeva draws her inspiration from traditional Uzbek clothing.

Tara Volikov, Uzbekistan
Tara Volikov is known in Uzbekistan for his evening wear and tailoring. He designs, drapes and cuts all of his own work.

Tatiana Vorotnikova, Kyrgyz Republic
Tatiana researched Kyrgyz traditions for the country’s handcraft guild before her bold entrance into modern clothing design. At her Tumar Art Salon in Bishkek, she incorporates traditional techniques, motifs and materials such as patchwork and wool felt into an array of festive and practical garments for men and women as well as accessories and items for home décor.

Turdukan Borubaeva, Kyrgyz Republic
Turdukan Borubaeva’s innovative designs take some inspiration from traditional Kyrgyz clothing. They may be found at his salon in Bishkek.

Zukhra Mukanbetova, Kyrgyz Republic
Zukhra Mukanbetova’s designs may be found at Tariz, her fashion house in Bishkek.

20471120, Japan
20471120 is a Japanese design group focused on innovative cultural concepts in fashion design.

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