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The Rehoboth Children’s Home Dance Team, Camiling, Philippines

The Rehoboth Children’s Home dance team has won awards on the island of Luzon for its renditions of the tinikling, the national dance of the Philippines. The dancers reside at Rehoboth, a center for abandoned, neglected, or orphaned youth where dance and other creative outlets help residents develop into well-rounded adults. Peace Corps volunteers Leah and Tom Ferrebee collaborate with Rehoboth staff on youth development projects that prepare residents for independent living. Leah uses her background in horticulture to develop an eco-learning farm; and Tom holds a position at a local college and works to foster a partnership between the college and the center to address literacy needs through service learning. The Rehoboth Children’s Home dancers have been looking forward to flying on an airplane for the first time and sharing their award-winning dance with this year’s Festival participants.

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