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Ngaharin Lebitileg, Ngurunit, Kenya

Ngaharin is a master weaver and a member of a local choir. She is very active in the Ngurunit Basket Weavers Group, founded in 2004 by Samburu and Rendille women in the village of Ngurunit, Kenya, with the help of a Peace Corps volunteer. Ngaharin helps teach new basket designs to other weavers.

Lilian Nalilian Lekadaa, Ngurunit, Kenya

Lilian is the manager of the Ngurunit Basket Weavers Group. She helps with translation, has been trained in quality control and management techniques, and mobilizes the women to assist in the implementation of new ideas and concepts. Lilian is also a member of a local choir.

Laura Lemunyete, Maralal, Kenya, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Laura is the founder of PEAR (Participatory Education, Awareness and Resources) Innovations, a non-profit, community-based organization that supports the women basket weavers of Ngurunit through locating new and secure markets, giving business advice and consultation, and working to empower the women through entrepreneurial activities. Laura was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal and her husband is from Rendille, Kenya. She and her family are very committed to the people of northern Kenya and have done much to bring greatly needed attention and resources to the traditional pastoralists of the north. Laura’s organization PEAR Innovations helped transform basket weaving among the women of this region from a recreational hobby to a vibrant and profitable source of income that contributes to the preservation and expansion of this important traditional art form.

Nkerisapa Lewano, Ngurunit, Kenya

Nkerisapa is avery skilled master weaver and a committed member of the Ngurunit Basket Weavers Group. Nkerisapa is helping to design a new woven line of jewelry.

Ntomulan Loibor, Ngurunit, Kenya

Ntomulan is a dedicated chairlady of the Ngurunit Basket Weavers Group, founded in 2004. Ntomulan helps to organize and mobilize other group members.

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