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Reyna Floridalma Alvarado de Ramirez, Granados, Guatemala

Reyna is the principal of the largest elementary school in Granados, Guatemala. A natural and inspirational leader, she rallied the community to construct the school’s two classrooms out of plastic bottles and trash. In her free time she enjoys being with her family, helping take care of her newborn grandchild, and playing basketball.

Zonia Judith Garcia de Garcia, Granados, Guatemala

Zonia was born and raised in Granados, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. She recently retired after more than two decades of teaching elementary school. She enjoys public speaking as well as making lavish flower arrangements from paper for the Catholic Church. She spends her free time with her family and taking care of her grandchild.

Laura Kutner,Portland, Oregon, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Guatemala

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Laura began her Peace Corps service in Guatemala in 2007 as a youth development volunteer. She had such a positive experience that she decided to extend her service a third year as a volunteer leader. Along with the school bottle construction project in Granados, she worked to implement a life-skills curriculum in local middle schools.

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