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Language and Arts in Action
Musical Instrument Workshop

Featured Participants

Bryan Blackmore, Llangwm
Blackmore has worked as a professional harp maker since 1975. His instruments, varying in size from the Telyneg knee harp (with twenty-two strings) to the Cleddau triple harp (with ninety-seven strings), are designed in the Welsh tradition. Blackmore meets each customer's particular needs by handcrafting each harp with the finest materials available.

John Evans, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth
A native of Carmarthenshire Evans left school at fifteen. He completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter and went on to develop an interest in wood turning and carving. A serious accident in 1993 forced him to re-evaluate his life. He decided to combine his knowledge of woodworking and his musical background into making traditional Welsh instruments.

Trefor Owen, Cricieth
Using traditional tools and methods, Owen is the UK's last remaining full-time producer of handmade British clogs. He recently relocated back to Wales after starting his business more than thirty-one years ago in Yorkshire. Owen creates more than three hundred pairs of clogs each year.

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