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Sailor Circus

Originating in 1949 as a high school gymnastics class, Sailor Circus Academy is America’s oldest continuously operating youth circus. Now part of the Circus Arts Conservatory, Sailor Circus has grown into a complete community-based circus school that offers expert comprehensive training in the circus arts. Through extremely rigorous interdisciplinary performing arts and psychomotor skills programs, students learn to excel in the circus arts in a safe, nurturing, and creative professional environment.

In the early 1950s, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus approved reference to Sailor Circus as “The Greatest ‘Little’ Show on Earth.” For more than six decades since, thousands of students have trained under the direction of many dedicated coaches and volunteers. They also continue to benefit from opportunities to work with legendary circus artists who make southwest Florida their home and still contribute to their community’s circus cultural heritage.

The growing success of Sailor Circus is reflected in the artistry represented in its seasonal full-house performance events, which are inspiring new demand for expanded instruction in the circus arts from the community at large—a vibrant example of the revival of interest in the circus arts in America today.

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