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Hebei Golden Eagle Acrobatic Troupe

The Hebei Golden Eagle Acrobatic Troupe is originally from Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province, China. Founded in 1997, it is one of the most important professional acrobatic troupes in the province. Hebei comprises more than eighty artists, including some two dozen who are among the top acrobats in China. The troupe has been invited to participate in many significant contests and festivals both home and abroad, and has received many prizes.

Hebei presents an incredibly diverse and exhilarating performance that requires great agility, focus, and strength, including hoop-diving, plate-spinning, diabolo, foot-juggling, blanket-spinning, and meteor-juggling. The troupe has visited more than thirty countries for international cultural exchange and to demonstrate the worldwide significance of circus arts.

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