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Program Sponsors

The One World, Many Voices Festival program was produced by the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage in collaboration with UNESCO, the National Geographic Society’s Enduring Voices Project, and the Smithsonian’s Recovering Voices Initiative.

Major support for this program was provided by the Dr. Frederik Paulsen Foundation; Microsoft Local Language Program; the Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C.; the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, and the Caro y Cuervo Institute; the U.S. State Department Fund for Innovation in Public Diplomacy and the United States Embassy in Bolivia; the Inter-American Foundation and Bolivia's Ministry of Cultures; and the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, the University of Hawai‘i System, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Additional support was provided by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian; the Smithsonian Recovering Voices Initiative; the Latino Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Latino Center, the Christensen Fund and the International Institute of Education; the Dirección de Salvaguarda del Patrimonio Cultural del Gobierno de Oaxaca and the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, D.C.; the Welsh Government/Llywodraeth Cymru; the Smithsonian Institution Consortium for World Cultures and the Consortium for Understanding the American Experience; the Ministry of Cultures of Bolivia; Certified Languages International; Diplomatic Language Services; CETRA Language Solutions; Mango Languages; the Nina & Ivan Selin Family Foundation; the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) the Linguistic Society of America; the Center for Traditional Music and Dance; Joint National Committee for Languages - National Council for Language and International Studies; the Smithsonian Latino Center, as part of its focus on the peoples and cultures of Central America and its U.S. diaspora; and the Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas.


City Lore

Administration for Native Americans, City Lore, Esri, Library of Congress American Folklife Center, Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, Microsoft Local Language Program, Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center Alaska Office, Smithsonian National Anthropological Archives

Natalie Abuschinow-Schneider, José Luis Acosta, Krista Amason, Aruna Amirthanayagam, Thea Austen, Naran Badushov, Maenette Benham, Francine Berkowitz, Dawn Biddison, Elsa Borja, Tim Brookes, Nikolai Burlakoff, Allen Carroll, Aron Crowell, Alfonso Cuellar, James Deutsch, Wren Elhai, Megan Ellis, Terry Garcia, Debbie Gibbons, Guillermo González, Itzik Gottesman, Judith Gray, Lui Hokoana, Bob Holman, Jake Homiak, Carla Hurd, Genoveva Iriarte, Lynn Johnson, Kunsang Kelden, Steve Kidd, Arkady Mandzhiev, Elena Martinez, Virginia Mason, Moisés Medrano, Anahit Minasyan, Alex Moen, Keala Monaco, Tamara Nadbitova, Bhokta Newar, Alexi Maratovich Orlov, Natalia Peña, David Penney, Betsy Peterson, Tom Pich, Chris Rainier, Gina Rappaport, Laura Ramírez-Rasgado, Pete Reiniger, Guha Shankar, Telo Tulku Rinpoche, Ruth Rouvier, Pete Rushefsky, Michelle Sauve, Christyna Solhan, Lillian Sparks, Norman Valencia, Lynne Waters, Tracy Whittington, Steve Zeitlin, Cheryl Zook

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