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You have to struggle consciously for your identity. Not because you’re better than anybody else or because your culture is any greater. That’s not it. It just happens to be yours. You make sense of your life in terms of that culture.
— Meredydd Evans, Welsh Historian and Musician, Wales

Welsh is a Celtic language spoken primarily in Wales. The Welsh language was once heading towards extinction, but now is a model of successful language revitalization. Spoken by over 20% of Wales' population of 3 million, Welsh is increasingly used in social media, schooling, poetry, and musical performance, and also spoken in everyday life with great pride. One factor that has contributed positively to the revitalization of Welsh has been its compulsory study in primary schools.

This presentation was made possible by the Welsh Government / Llywodraeth Cymru.

Festival Participants:

Gwyneth Glyn (singer-songwriter, poet)
Ifor ap Glyn (poet, broadcaster)
Twm Morys (poet, musician, singer)
Owen Saer (language teacher, choir director)

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