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Dimen Dong Folk Chorus
Dimen Dong Folk Chorus.
Dimen Dong Folk Chorus.
Photo courtesy of the Dimen Dong Cultural Eco-Museum

The Dimen Dong Folk Chorus from southwestern China’s Guizhou Province continues the Dong people’s polyphonic choral tradition known as ga lao or “grand song.” Their songs are inspired by nature, mimicking the sounds of insects, birds, mountains, and streams. The group is organized by the Dimen Dong Cultural Eco-Museum as a part of its award-winning 100 Dong Songs Program, whererin singing masters and village elders teach Dong youth their songs and heritage. The Dimen Dong Folk Chorus performed on the Voices of the World Stage at the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival as a preview for the 2014 Festival.

Ren Hexin 任和昕, Dimen Dong Eco-Museum director
Du Kexin 杜科欣, 100 Songs Program director
Wu Zhangshi 吴章仕, musician and music teacher
Wu Bixia 吴碧霞, singer
Wu Guoying 吴国英, singer
Wu Qianchun 吴前春,musician
Wu Taoai 吴桃爱, singer
Wu Xiuchun 吴秀春, singer
Wu Taonan 吴桃难, singer
Wu Yuanliang 吴元亮, singer

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