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Guizhou Province 贵州省

In March and April 2014, Festival staff, China program team members, and photographer Josh Eli Cogan visited Guizhou Province to meet with Miao and Dong artists in two villages.

Quanzhou 泉州

In April 2014, ethnomusicologist and program advisor Nora Yeh met with the Quanzhou Puppet Troupe in Fujian Province to help prepare them for their participation at the Festival.

Yanchuan, Shaanxi Province 陕西省延川县

In February 2014, the China program team, photographer Josh Eli Cogan, and Festival Marketplace advisor Halle Butvin met with Gao Fenglian, her daughter Liu Jieqiong, and their extended family at their home in the hills of Yanchuan, Shaanxi Province. Gao, a paper cutter and embroiderer, is recognized as a national-level “representative bearer” of intangible cultural heritage.

Program Team

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