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The Last One
Photo courtesy of The NAMES Project Foundation
Photo courtesy of The NAMES Project Foundation

In 1987, a single panel unlike any other panel submitted before or since was delivered to The NAMES Project Foundation. Although this panel arrived without a letter, a photograph, or any other instructions from its maker, the caretakers of The Quilt recognized its significance. They knew they needed to hold on to it and to the hope that it conveyed until it could be added to The AIDS Memorial Quilt.

THE LAST ONE represents many different things, including the last new HIV infection, the last mother-to-child transmission, the last time someone is stigmatized for being HIV-positive or having AIDS, the last time someone with HIV or AIDS is bullied, the last child orphaned because of AIDS, and of course the last time someone dies from this disease.

THE LAST ONE is both a quiet prayer and a stark reminder of all that we are working to achieve. And with each new panel, with each display, with each new scientific advancement, and with each moment of recognition that everyone is impacted by AIDS, we inch closer to realizing the goal of THE LAST ONE.

THE LAST ONE is on display in the Call My Name tent.

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