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Credits and Acknowledgements

This Web site builds on the content that was posted for the Creativity and Crisis: Unfolding The AIDS Memorial Quilt Festival program, which included images and text written for the signs that were used to elaborate on Festival presentations. Additional Web pages draw on experiences and sentiments from Creativity and Crisis participants and staff that reflect the program as it “unfolded” during the two weeks of the Festival. Using participant quotes from discussion sessions, blogs about specific activities and presentations, video documentation and interviews, and photographs of the program, a more complete picture can be captured of the work and implications surrounding The AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Web site credits

Program Signs: Anna Kaplan, Sojin Kim, Arlene Reiniger, Julie Rhoad
New Web Content and Editing: Emma Backe, Katie Cardenas, James Mayer, Lindsay Tauscher
Webmaster: Toby Dodds
Web Designer/Developer: Sandy Wang

Program Staff:
Curators: Arlene Reiniger and Julie Rhoad
Program Coordinator: Anna Kaplan
Interns: Emma Backe, Katie Cardenas, Allison Klem, Kristen Luigart, Katie McCormick, Miranda Swinnen, Lindsay Tauscher
Presenters: Nomvula Cook, Teresa Hollingsworth, Anthony Knight, Marsha MacDowell, Katherine Ott, Linda Rethman

The NAMES Project Foundation Staff:
President and CEO: Julie Rhoad
Chief Financial Officer: Jim Marks
Director of Operations: Roddy Williams
Quilt Production Manager: Gert McMullin
Director of Programs: Jada Harris
Warehouse Operations Manager: Chili Crane
Display Manager: Brian Holman
Program Associate: Ritchie Crownfield

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