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Feature Essays

Leading up to the 2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, we invited accomplished scholars, writers, and researchers to contribute essays about Catalonia’s history and culture.

Immigration Stories

“My Goodness We Were Hungry!” An Immigrant’s Voyage to Catalonia
By Meritxell Martín-Pardo
A Multilingual Catalonia
By Maria Carme Junyent
How to Become Catalan
By Pablo Giori

Traditional & Contemporary Life

Tales of the Turpentine Makers of Catalonia
By Meritxell Martín-Pardo
“We Were Trained to Be Democrats”: The Power of Montserrat
By Meritxell Martín-Pardo
Conviviality in Catalonia
By A. F. Robertson


Transformations in Catalan Culture
By Pablo Giori
Catalonia: A Welcoming Plaza, a Cohesive Society
By Vicenç Villatoro

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