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Las Américas

The Americas A Musical World


Las Américas, the final and most broad-reaching program of the Nuestra Música: Music in Latino Culture Smithsonian Folklife Festival "living exhibitions" series, featured outstanding artists from the United States and Latin America in an engaging cultural dialogue. The core of the artists came from the Smithsonian Folkways Tradiciones/Traditions recording series. These artists represent the rich diversity of emblematic musical styles in the United States and throughout the Americas, including Puerto Rican bomba, plena, and jíbaro music, Mexican son music from various regions, mariachi music, Colombian vallenato, joropo, and currulao, Dominican merengue típico, bachata, and salve, Venezuelan música llanera, Paraguayan polca, and Salvadoran chanchona music.

In addition to the Festival, Las Américas was featured in a number of related programs including:

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