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Los Texmaniacs
Los Texmaniacs
The Texmaniacs have fun with their conjunto tejano music on audio engineer Joe Treviño's back porch in San Antonio, Texas. Max Baca (right), on the bajo sexto guitar, says conjunto began with its early pioneers “listening to the German oompa music on the radio in the late 1920s. They would imitate, but in doing so they created their own sound.” To appeal to the younger generation, the Texmaniacs “put it up in high gear while preserving the natural beauty of the traditional music.”
Photo by Daniel Sheehy, Smithsonian

Los Texmaniacs are a modern spin on the traditional conjunto sound from South Texas. The quartet adds blues and rock-and-roll influences to the traditional pairing of button accordion and bajo sexto. Moreover, Los Texmaniacs explore their instruments to find new ways of interpreting the sounds of the Texas-Mexico border.

  • Max Baca, bajo sexto
  • David Farías, accordion
  • Óscar García, bass
  • Lorenzo Martínez, drums

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