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Los Camperos de Valles
Los Camperos de Valles
The Camperos de Valles specialize in the son huasteco from ranchlands of the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Leader Marcos Hernández (center) plays both melody and rhythm on the huapanguera guitar. Jarana player and singer Gregorio “Goyo” Solano adds his flair for improvisation. Joel Monroy plays violin and sings in the high, falsetto style that marks the son huasteco.
Photo by Daniel Sheehy, Smithsonian

Los Camperos de Valles is a trio of Mexico's finest musicians in the son huasteco style from the northeastern Mexican cattle-herding region known as La Huasteca. Their sound is marked by hard-edged, improvised violin playing, driving guitar rhythms, and high-pitched singing with falsetto breaks. Dance forms an integral part of the son huasteco. Renowned lyricist and dancer Artemio Posadas, accompanied by Dolores García, performs with the trio.

  • Marcos Hernández Rosales, leader, guitarra huapanguera
  • Dolores García, dancer
  • Artemio Posadas, dancer, lyricist
  • Camilo Ramírez Hernández, violin
  • Gregorio "Goyo" Solano Medrano, jarana

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