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Grupo Cimarrón de Colombia

With Grupo Cimarrón, Carlos Rojas Hernández brings together an all-star team of instrumentalists and singers from Colombia. These masters of the joropo llanero tradition, which is practiced along the plains shared by Colombia and Venezuela, astonish their audiences with their melodic and rhythmic virtuosity, percussive drive, and sabor colombiano, or Colombian flavor.

  • Carlos Rojas Hernández, director, arpa llanera
  • Freyman Rolando Cárdenas Pulido, percussion, dancer, vocals
  • Carlos Andrés Cedeño Delgado, bass
  • Darwin Rafael Medina Fonseca, cuatro
  • Luis Eduardo Moreno Rojas, vocals
  • Ferney Rojas Cabezas, bandola llanera
  • Óscar José Oviedo Osorio, percussion, dancer
  • Ana Veydó Ordóñez, vocals, dancer

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