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Adalberto Cruz Álvarez and Jesús García
Adalberto Cruz Álvarez
Adalberto “Beto” Cruz of Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico, sings corrido “song-stories” about horse races and other local events important to people in his community. In these songs, the competition between horses takes on many characteristics of the confrontations between two valientes (brave men), a favorite corrido topic.
Photo by Jesús García.

Don Beto Cruz from Cucurpe, Sonora, forms part of an older generation of corrido composers and singers from the Sonora-Arizona border, whose repertoire includes stories about border heroes, horse races, and local events. Don Beto performs for family gatherings, such as weddings, quinceañeras, and wakes, as well as community events. Jesús García is a versatile musician of the younger generation who learned many of these corridos growing up in Magdalena, Mexico.

  • Adalberto "Don Beto" Cruz Álvarez, vocals, guitar, violin
  • Jesús García, guitar and vocals

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