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  • Day Eight: Top Ten Photos

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    The Folklife Festival returned to the National Mall today after a rainy and truncated Thursday, bringing artists, radio broadcasters, dancers, clowns, and more to the public. In addition to our regular photography staff and volunteers, we invited students from a photojournalism class at George Washington University’s Pre-College Program to help us document the day’s activities.

    Today also marked the final full day for On the Move as we head into the Reunion Weekend, honoring the behind-the-scenes work over the last 50 years of the Festival—you’re all invited! Visit us tomorrow, and you’ll see the Central American tradition of alfombra de aserrín (sawdust carpet) on the Migration Walkway, learn about our documentation and archiving process, and see Bindlestiff Family Circus and Cirque des Voix in the evening Big Top show. You can also join the Music Jam Session and dance to Artemio Posadas and Jarana Beat.

    Elisa Hough is the editor for the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

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