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Wood Carving
Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts
Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts
"All talents are not alike." —Kenyan proverb

Wood carving remains an integral form of artistic expression and livelihood in Kenya. Wood workers still make items for daily household use, including bowls, cooking utensils, and furniture. Many wood workers belong to cooperatives, such as the Wamunyu Wood Carvers Cooperative near Machakos, which promote free trade between craftsmen and consumers. This allows them to receive a sustainable income and focus on their art.


Meshack Ndunda Kivuva is one of the prolific artists among the Wamunyu wood carvers. He learned wood carving from his father and specializes in the style of the Akamba community. His pieces portray social themes and are an example of mastery of the art.

Mutunga Japheth Munya is a renowned wood carver and member of the Wamunyu wood carvers cooperative of Kitui County. He developed an interest in wood carving at an early age, and after practicing this art for more than twenty years he is now among the most skilled carvers in the region.

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