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Ronald Ontiri Onchuru (Ontiri Bikundo)
Ronald Ontiri Onchuru (Ontiri Bikundo)
Ronald Ontiri Onchuru (Ontiri Bikundo) performs with the obokano, a traditional eight-string Kisii harp.
Photo by Brian Barger, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution

Ronald Ontiri Onchuru a.k.a. Ontiri Bikundo taught himself to play the obokano, a traditional eight-stringed Kisii harp, at an early age. His parents passed away when he was ten, and despite his education being cut short, he was able to practice and study music. He sings about various contemporary issues such as AIDS, ethnic beliefs, love, and marriage. He has a broad base of fans that are captivated by his witty lyrics and interactive delivery.

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