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Lelele Afrika
Lelele Afrika
Lelele Afrika, comprised of Mwanaisha Abdalla Mohamed (Nyota Ndogo) on vocals, Mohammed Adio Shigoo on taishokoto zither, and Mbarak Ali Haji Msuo on harmonium, performs with supporting musicians.
Photo by Josh Weilepp, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution

Lelele Afrika is a Mombasa-based taarab band with origins in Lamu. Blending cultural influences from the Middle East and India that are also present in many coastal Kenyan foods and crafts, Lelele Afrika has been recognized for its contributions to taarab music by the Spotlight on Kenyan Music Series, an initiative of Alliance Francaise and Ketebul Music.

Mohamed Shigoo, taishakoto zither
Mbarak Ali Hadji, harmonium
Mohamed Mwanaisha Abdalla (Nyota Ndogo), vocals

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