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Children's Folklife

If you have ever tried to ask a group of children what they are doing only to have them run away, you have encountered the community of children. A teacher who turns to write a lesson on the chalk board to the accompaniment of giggles and flying airplanes is dealing with the community of children. Best friends, blood-bonded clubs, play groups and organizations as elaborate as the S.E. Washington Boys' Football League, are all manifestations of children bonding together to explore the unknown, to share information, to organize their play and to feel some security and privacy from the demanding world of adults. The content of their activities is made rich with children's dreams, curiosities and challenges, faced as they are with the prospect of growing up one day themselves.

At the 1978 Festival, activities familiar from previous Festivals such as children's games were complemented by attention focused on how children themselves organize their communities and institutions such as clubs and sports leagues.

Kate Rinzler served as Children's Area Coordinator and Phyllis Ward as Assistant Coordinator. Activities took place on the outdoor Festival site.

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