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Chirimía La Contundencia

La Contundencia is an ensemble that plays chirimía, a traditional genre of the northern Pacific region played by small brass bands. This genre features European-derived tunes and can be heard during carnival or patron-saint festivities. La Contundencia was part of the wave of musicians that added piano, bass, guitar, conga, and bongo to create a more orchestral style. So while they perform chirimía in its natural, improvised manner, they also emphasize instrumental variety. Today they are considered the most iconic band interpreting traditional Pacifico music.


  • Leonidas Valencia Valencia, director, musician (saxhorn)
  • Rick Lludson Montealegre Rodríguez, musician (snare drum)
  • Tomás Domingo Moreno Córdoba, musician (clarinet)
  • Abdo Abel Murillo Mosquera, musician (tambora)
  • Leonidas Valencia Peña, musician (cymbals)

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