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Cantaoras de Alabaos del Pacífico

The Cantaoras de Alabaos del Pacífico sing in style typical of the Pacific rainforest region. They sing primarily for funeral rituals, and their songs are mainly performed by women. These rituals and songs reinforce a sense of solidarity, bring the community together, and maintain the traditions of this Afro-Colombian communities.

"You have to raise the gardens to prevent the hens from eating the seeds because they will eat anything they find."


  • Cruz Neyla Murillo Mosquera, singer, azotea gardener, Andagoya
  • Leonor Murillo, singer, San Andrés
  • Zully Murillo de Caicedo, singer, Cali
  • Fulvia Ruíz Ibarguen, singer, artisanal miner, Andagoya

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