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Over the years, we have developed basic guidelines for presenters that curators adapt to their individual programs. The "Presenters Video" complements the guidelines and features good and bad presenting examples taken from different Festival programs. Among the materials we provide presenters so that they can better understand the Festival goals and their role in achieving these is the article "Why we do the Festival" by former Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage director Richard Kurin.

Individual curators may also offer presenters additional materials, such as the "Survival Glossary" prepared by Colombia Festival program research director Germán Ferro, which provided a list of local terms for crafts and craft materials, food products, processes, work implements, articles of clothing, and other items used in Festival presentations. "Tips for Presenters" is a quick resource guide that a presenter can reference before or during a session. Its basic format can be tailored for each group and their presentations.

Training Materials PDFs

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