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Craft presentations at the 1969 Festival focused on two themes: 1) sheep shearing and wool processing, and 2) corn culture. For the former, visitors could see sheep being sheared and the resulting wool carded, spun, and used in weaving. Milling songs from Scotland and from Massachusetts rounded out the program. The corn culture program showed different methods of milling and grinding corn, foodways from cornbread to corn liquor, and various crafts utilizing corn shucks. In addition, craft demonstrators included basket makers, blacksmiths, carvers and toy-makers, and a potter, with a special focus on Seminole crafts from Florida.

The sheep shearing and wool processing demonstration was sponsored by the American Sheep Producers Council, Inc. and the Wool Bureau, Inc. The corn culture exhibit was sponsored by the American Corn Miller's Federation and the Corn Refiners Association, Inc. Arkansas Arts and Humanities supported the participation of Arkansas craftspeople, and National Airlines sponsored the Seminole Indian participants.

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