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Credits & Acknowledgments

Program Staff

Festival Director: Sabrina Lynn Motley

Curators: Sojin Kim, Nichole Procopenko

Editor and Web Producer: Elisa Hough

Media Director: Charlie Weber

Accessibility Coordinator: Diane Nutting

Documentation Coordinators: Cecilia Peterson, Dave Walker

Program Support Team: Betty Belanus, Olivia Cadaval, James Deutsch, Erin Dowdy, Rebecca Fenton, Julia Gutiérrez-Rivera, Meredith Holmgren, Marjorie Hunt, Ginny Maycock, Diana N’Diaye, Albert Tong, Erin Younger

Media and Writing Interns: Ashley Avila, Rameshwar Bhatt, Riley Board, Gissel Bonilla, Xueying Chang, Jackson Harvey, Mara Hoplamazian, Lauren Jackson, Aidan Keys, Gabrielle Puglisi, Melissa Queen, Colin Stucki, Harry Zhu

Smithsonian Colleagues

Amy Bowers, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Janelle Cooper, Anacostia Community Museum
Erin Dowdy, Smithsonian Year of Music
Claudia Foronda, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Theo Gonzalves, National Museum of American History
Sage Morgan Hubbard, National Postal Museum
Samir Meghelli, Anacostia Community Museum
Andrea Neighbors, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
Alma Robinson, Anacostia Community Museum
Lisa Sasaki, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
Jennifer Schneider, American Women’s History Initiative
Matthew White, National Postal Museum
Ranald Woodaman, Smithsonian Latino Center


In preparation for the 2019 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, we met and consulted with many people who graciously shared their time and expertise. Due to a change in the Festival format, we were not able to invite everyone to participate in our programming. We include them here to convey our gratitude for their advice, assistance, and willingness to explore collaboration.

Paloma Alcaca, Crooked Beat Records
Ben Ashworth, George Mason University, Finding A Line
Natalie Avery, Javera Group
Christylez Bacon, artist
Carlos Beaumont, Vibez Solutions
Wala Begay, DC Nurses Association, #DontMuteDC
Selena Benally, This Could Go Boom!, The OSYX
Paul Bishow, Punk the Capital
Michelle Blackwell, artist
Josh Blair, TK Echo
John “Stinky Dink” Bowman, Royal Pocket Tour
Andrew Breiner, Bacchae
Julien Broomfield, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Shannon Browne, Bela Dona Band
Elise Bryant, DC Labor Chorus
Carolina Buitrago, District Bridges
Ian Callender, Blind Whino
Donald Campbell, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC, Metro PCS/Central Communications
Natalie Campbell, DC Cultural Narratives Working Group
Ara Casey, This Could Go Boom!, The OSYX
Michele Casto, DC Public Library Punk and Go-Go Archives
Kristy Chavez-Fernandez (Kristy la rAt), Anthology of Booty, Maracuyeah
Eliza Childress, Crown Vic & Area Woman’s Weird World Record Party
Carni Clirs, artist
Jasper Collier, DC Oral History Collaborative
Matthew Curry, artist
Bill Daley, Crooked Beat Records
Kelley Daley, Apple Carnegie Library
John Davis, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, University of Maryland
Samuel “Smoke” Dews, Royal Pocket Tour
DJ SupaLee, musician, DJ
Ross Donihue, Esri
Brianne Dornbush, District Bridges
Barbara Dougherty, DC Public Library Punk and Go-Go Archives
Ebony Dumas (DJ Natty Boom), Anthology of Booty
Greg Dunn, artist
Agyei Edwards, Royal Pocket Tour
Paul “Buggy” Edwards, Royal Pocket Tour
Ashley Emerson, DC Mayor’s Office of African American Affairs
Anina Ertel, DC Public Library
Nathaniel “Nate” Field, Royal Pocket Tour
Anthony Fields (Dimensions), musician
Allison Fisher, Globe Collection and Press at MICA
Jocelyn Frank, DC Listening Lounge
Robert Frazier, Mount Pleasant Main Street
Kymone Freeman, We Act Radio
Erin Frisby, This Could Go Boom!, The OSYX
Federico Frum (MASPAZ), artist
Taylor Gamble, Bela Dona Band
Maggie Gilmore, DC Public Library Punk and Go-Go Archives
Anwan Glover (Big G), musician
Don Godwin, Tonal Park
Derek Gray, DC Public Library Punk and Go-Go Archives
Kristina Gray (DJ K La Rock), First Ladies
Julia Gutiérrez-Rivera, musician, CultureWorks & Movement Productions
Siobhan Hagan, DC Public Library Punk and Go-Go Archives
Drew Hagelin, Cigarette
Rena Hagins, Bacchae
Jason Hamacher, Lost Origins Gallery
Janavia Harrell, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Greyson Harris, Esri
Head-Roc, Chocolate City Rocks
Louis Hicks, DC Humanities
Karis Hill, Bela Dona Band
Van Hillard, Park Snakes
Emily Hilliard, West Virginia Folklife Program, West Virginia Humanities
Nico Hobson, GoGoRadio LIVE
Natalie Hopkinson, Howard University, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Amy Horowitz, Roadwork/Sisterfire
Jonathan Howard, Cigarette
Richard Howard, Cigarette
Amanda Huron, University of District of Columbia, Radio CPR, musician
Todd Hyman, Carpark Records
Jacqueline Jackson, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Reuben Jackson, Felix E. Grant Jazz Archive, UDC
Justin Johnson, Long Live Go-Go/Moechella
Dani Jordan, Bela Dona Band
Munch Joseph, Headrush+Agency, Ft. Dupont
Evan Keeling, artist
Jinhee Kim, Apple Carnegie Library
Steve Kiviat, writer
Kokayi, musician
Joe Lally, musician
OnRae LaTeal, Black Girls Handgames Project
Aaron Leitko, Dischord Records, TK Echo
Maggie Lemere, DC Oral History Collaborative
Janel Leppin, musician
Tony Lewis Jr., D.C. Natives Day/#DontMuteDC
Ras Lidj, musician
Maryann Lombardi, Mayor’s Office: Office of Cable TV, Film, Music and Entertainment
Noel Lopez, National Park Service, Cultural Resources
Kip Lornell, George Washington University
Brian Lowitt, Dischord Records
Alec MacKaye, musician
Ian MacKaye, Dischord Records
Malik DOPE Drummer, musician
Mike Marceau, DC Bluegrass Union
Daniel Martínez González, photographer
Chad McCall, Park Snakes
Katie McD, Bacchae
Jennifer Mendez, Esri
Frankie Meneses, Soul & Ink LLC
Sherry Meneses, Soul & Ink LLC
Chris Moore, musician, DamagedCity
Alex Moss, Carpark Records
Ron Moten, Check-It Enterprises, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC, Royal Pocket Tour
Chris Naom, Funk Parade, the Musicianship
Evan Napala, Cigarette
Nenet, Park Snakes
Jonathan Newton, Free Dirt Records & Service Co.
Eileen O’Grady, Bacchae
Katy Otto, musician
Jerome Paige, DC Cultural Narratives Working Group
Akiima Park, Anacostia Park
Jimmy Pelletier, DC Wheels
Mark Petillo, Tonal Park
Charlie Pilzer, Tonal Park
Anthony Pirog, musician
Vernell “Wink” Powell, Royal Pocket Tour
Christopher Proctor, artist
Natarsha Proctor, Bela Dona Band
Mark Puryear, curator, musician, ethnomusicologist
Dave Reeves, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Maya Renfo, This Could Go Boom!, The OSYX
Chris Richards, TK Echo
Keith “Sauce” Robinson, Royal Pocket Tour
Claudia Rodgers, Bela Dona Band
Cita Sadeli (CHELOVE), artist
James Schneider, Punk the Capital
Kim Scott, Bela Dona Band
Moe Shorter, Junkyard Band
Josh Silver, DC Office of Planning
Farrah Skeiky, photographer
Kimberly Springle, Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives
Luke Stewart, musician, CapitalBop
Sweet Cherie, Bela Dona Band
Les Talusan (Les the DJ), Punk Soul Sisters
Leroy “Scooter” Taylor, Royal Pocket Tour
Jessica Teachey, the Musicianship
Tempest Thomas, Bela Dona Band
Robyn Thompson, This Could Go Boom!, The OSYX
Jim Thomson, Multiflora Productions, Crown Vic & Area Woman’s Weird World Record Party, Electric Cowbell
Tone P, producer, musician, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Albert Tong, videographer
Jeffrey Tribble, the Musicianship
Antonia Tricarico, Frame of Mind
Alexandra Tyson, artist
Seshat Walker, The General Store Inc.
Remi Wallace, Downtown BID
Wawa, musician
Sudi West, Shaw Community Center, Don’t Mute the Movement/#DontMuteDC
Donna Westmoreland, IMP
Allison Wolfe, artist, “I’m in the Band” podcast
Maegan Wood (DJ JuneBullet), Coup Sauvage & The Snips
Woodrow Wilson High School Poetry Club
Tim Wright, Attucks Adams
Wytold, musician

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