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Don Abundio y sus Traviesos

Don Abundio y sus Traviesos is an ensemble that plays tambora guacherna, chandé, and  berroche  rhythms. The musicians play tamboras, flauta de millo (cane flute), and guache (a rasp-like percussion instrument), and they are accompanied by a vocalist and dancers. Their repertoire includes aires and traditional carnival dances. Don Abundio learned to perform the carnivalesque enactments of farotas, pilanderas, and rezanderas (represented as the Dance of the Bulls, Alligators, and the Caimán Man), which reflect the natural habitat. He and his group perform at local events and participate in the Carnival de Barranquilla every year.


  • Samuel Mármol Villa, director, singer, dancer,
    instrument maker
  • Gustavo Cantillo Áviles, dancer
  • Dania Felizzola Morales, musician (gaita macho,
    ), dancer
  • Jaison Mármol Ruidiaz, musician (tambor alegre)
  • Samuel Mármol Ruidiaz, musician (cane flute, guache, tambor alegre), dancer
  • Yaniz Mármol Ruidiaz, llamador, musician (guache), dancer
  • Jorge Enrique Montes Villa, musician (tambora), dancer
  • Julio César Ortíz Madrid, dancer
  • Neil Palomino Trespalacios, dancer
  • Pedro Germán Rodríguez Arrieta, dancer
  • Damaris Sayas Gómez, singer
  • Gustavo del Cristo Vergara Alvarado, musician (tambora)

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