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  • Day Three: Top 10 Photos


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    Despite the heat, the Folklife Festival continued today with just as many feats of talent and cultural displays. The Federació Catalana d’Entitats Catifaires, the Catalan catifa (flower carpet) makers, began a collaboration with Los Viajeros de las Americas, a group in D.C. with Central American roots that practices a similar tradition, called alfombra de aserrín (sawdust carpet). Together they are creating a large flower carpet featuring Modernist images in the center of the National Mall throughout the weekend.

    Here you can check out our favorite pictures from the day. Add your own to our Flickr group, and make sure to use #2018Folklife when sharing your photos on social media.

    Tomorrow, learn the techniques of frrik, a traditional Armenian spinning top toy, revived by a group of artists in Gyumri. Discuss the possibilities that tourism holds for Armenia’s future as well as the ways tourism initiatives differ from one another. Participants of all ages can try their hand at carving in a class led my Armenian wood and stone carvers.

    Explore the world of Wakanda and African traditions that inspired the stunning costumes of Black Panther at a special talk held at the National Museum of African Art, part of the Crafts of African Fashion program. Sample different wines in our Marketplace before getting ready for performances from Les Anxovetes, Zulal, and Alidé Sans to hear women’s voices form across cultures. 

    Rachel Barton is the media intern for the 2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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