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  • Day Ten: Top 10 Photos


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    Thank you to all the visitors who have joined us on the National Mall over the past two weeks. In the words of Festival director Sabrina Lynn Motley, “The many artisans, musicians, cooks, dancers, and more imbue the Festival with animating energy. Your presence gives it purpose.”

    Every closing day of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is bittersweet: participants return home to their families, staff shift back to business as usual, and we say goodbye to new friends and creative collaborators. We’ll pack up our tents and relish in the cultural experiences until we do it all again next year!

    In 2019, the theme of the Festival will be the “Social Power of Music”: ways in which song and sound build communities, empower individuals, and strengthen identities. Look forward to musical presentations from Benin, Brazil, and more to come. Follow along through Facebook, Twitter, and our monthly newsletter to keep updated.

    Although the Festival only last ten short days, the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage does this type of work year-round. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings shares “music of, by, and for the people” with several new albums and vinyl reissues this year. Our online magazine Folklife has new stories each week about music, immigration, material culture, and more. The Smithsonian Artisan Initiative works with culture bearers around the world, helping ensure that their traditions are valued and sustained. This blog will continue to share videos, audio recordings, interviews, and reflections on this year’s Festival.

    So stay tuned for more, and we’ll see you next year. In the meantime, we hope you’re left thinking about how you participate in community, how you create “home,” and what cultural traditions make you you.

    Elisa Hough is the editor for the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, and Rachel Barton is the media intern for the 2018 Folklife Festival. Together they are Team Festival Blog.

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