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  • Tutuma's Final Festival Performance

    Members of the Afro-Peruvian group Tutuma use traditional songs and zapateo dance to continue the work of their father, Amador Ballumbrosio (the “godfather of Afro-Peruvian music”). Through their performance, Tutuma spreads knowledge of their ancestors: enslaved Africans in Peru during Spanish colonization.

    Tutuma helped bring the 2015 Folklife Festival to a close at the Ralph Rinzer concert stage. They later played alongside the tropical cumbia amazónica band, Los Wembler’s de Iquitos, for the Festival’s finale performance.

    Filmography: Courtney Adkisson, Pruitt Allen, Marisol Medina-Cadena, Andrea Curran, Abby Sternberg, Albert Tong, Paul Weiss.
    Editing: Courtney Adkisson

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