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Program Staff

Curators: Toshi Reagon

Producers: Amy Horowitz, Netsanet Negussie, Madeleine Remez

Fundraising Support: Alice Carron, Licia Galinsky, Tracy Gary, Susan Hester, Madeleine Remez, Penny Rosenwasser, Sarah Schulman, Claudia Wayne, Juanita Weaver

Director of Sponsorships & Marketing: Brenda Schumacher

Roadwork Board: Susan Allee, Alexis DeVeaux, Michelle Lanchester, Toshi Reagon, Urvashi Vaid

Documentary Film Team: Simone Dunye, Nadia Halgren, Amy Horowitz, Lia Miller, Netsanet Negussie, Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, Nadja Thomas, Charlie Weber, Yvonne Welbon, Urvashi Vaid, Alan Vision

Special Thanks

Individuals: Wendy Bell, Chela Blitt, Heather L. Burns & Kathleen A. Maloy, Ruth A. Davidson & Emily Sherwood, Mary Ford, Tracy Gary, Lisa Honig & Dale Schroedel, Cindy Phillips, Arnold Polinger, Annabel Song-Hill, Holly Wallace, Urvashi Vaid & Kate Clinton, and Anonymous

Organizations: Fullerton Family Foundation, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Wild Geese Foundation

Support the Folklife Festival, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, sustainability projects, educational outreach, and more.