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  • Pura Coco – “We Ain’t Got to Be So Sad”

    Camera: Charlie Weber, Albert Tong, Pruitt Allen, Rameshwar Bhatt
    Editor: Sonia Harnish

    During the 2023 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Pura Coco stepped away from the commotion to record an a cappella performance of her song “We Ain’t Got to Be So Sad.” The Latina artist is originally from New York and now based in the Arkansas Ozarks. Her alternative R&B music is full of meaningful lyrics reflecting her life experiences combined with energetic beats, and her emotive voice allows the crowd, young and old listeners alike, to feel as strong as she does.

    Sonia Harnish is a video intern at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and a film and history student at American University.

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