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  • Day Four: Top 10 Photos


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    What do Armenia and Catalonia have in common?

    Pottery traditions, mosaic art, blacksmithing, delicious food, and fierce pride in their cultures. We’re exploring all these and more at the Folklife Festival through the weekend and next week. Today held demonstrations on Catalan cookies and Armenia string cheese, discussions on the ways traditions migrate with their bearers, and workshops on weaving and sardana dancing.

    Tomorrow begins with a special Catalan and Armenian collaboration to explore foraging traditions in both cultures as well as learn how to add more fresh ingredients to your own meals. Take the Armenian Script Master Class with Ruben Malayan to learn about his incredible art and create a bit of your own.

    In African Fashion and Film: A Look at the Current and Future State of African Fashion, you can watch short films on the subject as well as discuss with designers and scholars. Join a collaborative team of artists and visitors to create mosaic street art or discuss social justice in Catalonia and beyond. Learn how to crochet and add your own colorful piece to our Tree of Life.

    Elisa Hough is the editor for the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, and Rachel Barton is the media intern for the 2018 Folklife Festival. Together they are Team Festival Blog.

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