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  • Day Five: Top 10 Photos


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    Today’s temperatures were high, but so were our spirits. The Folklife Festival featured the usual favorites of wine tasting and dance workshops as well as a few special treats.

    Crafts of African Fashion held a screening and discussion that featured film shorts like Dakar Express 2017and Boys of Sowetoto highlight the ways in which fashion and film overlap to characterize Africa as well as her diaspora. On the Plaça Major, the human tower team demonstrated the strength of teamwork. Although we had no evening concert, the day sang with Zulal, an a cappella Armenian American trio, and Les Anxovetes, a band from Girona, Catalonia.

    The Festival will be taking a break for our participants to rest and explore D.C. on July 2 and 3. We will pick back up on Wednesday with Armenian American picnicking traditions and recipes. Enjoy a folk dance performance by Esbart Ciutat Comtal and explore the various roles fire plays in Catalan tradition, like celebratory fireworks and ceremonial bonfires.

    Visitors of all ages can learn about Armenian carpet weaving traditions and even make their own to take home. Head to the Hyurasenyak for storytelling songs with Onnik Dinkjian and his son Ara Dinkjian, a world-renowned oud player. You can’t miss the largest parade of the Festival featuring beasts, big heads, giants, and devils from Catalan tradition. Stick around the National Mall to see the Fourth of July fireworks!

    Rachel Barton is the media intern for the 2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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