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  • Rainy Day Six: Top Five Photos

    The Festival was cut short today due to heavy rains and an ill-boding afternoon forecast, but visitors enjoyed a gloomy morning before the clouds rolled through. Birds ruffled some feathers with the Earth Conservation Corps at Earth Optimism × Folklife and with Emiratis in the Falconry tent. Our production crew scrambled to take cover while Festival goers headed inside the museums and participants went back to their hotel rooms for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

    Hands pluck the strings of a striped oud. The musician is seated and wearing a blue-green shirt.
    Mohammed Hosny played his oud for a crowd in the Story Majlis shortly before the rain hit.
    Photo by Phillip Lee, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives
    A man holds a large, brown bird in a raptor glove for protection. The bird and the man are looking to the left, while the man gesticulates.
    The Earth Conservation Corp brought more raptors to the National Mall, equipped with bird facts and beautiful wingspans.
    Photo by Sonya Pencheva, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives
    A young child holds a magnifying class to a small piece of wood at a table. The table is littered with other small items, like mushrooms in glass cases. The table in the background is surrounded by other young, seated visitors.
    Young visitors inspected magnificent mushrooms and other fungi.
    Photo by Julie Byrne, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives
    Three people gather under an umbrella while it rains. One has their back turned and arms outstretched, while another is adjusting the umbrella, and the third watches.
    When the rain started, Festival sound and stage crew took cover by whatever means necessary.
    Photo by Phillip Lee, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives
    An outdoor marquee that reads “22 FOLKLIFE” in large, block letters under a gloomy sky. In the foreground, a biker goes through puddles on a brown gravel road.
    Visitors and participants alike waded out through puddles on the National Mall, no doubt eager and excited to come back later this week!
    Photo by Phillip Lee, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives

    We now take our usual two-day break to give participants and staff a chance to recharge, but you can join us on Thursday for week two! Start your day with pearl singing or a conversation about saving species in the grasslands. Do a calligraphy workshop and learn about eco-tourism. Drop by the Folklife Studio for narrative discussions on oysters and coastal restoration and how experts in various fields from farming to artificial intelligence can collaborate for sustainability.

    Visit Festival Foodways to learn about how to get more out of the food you eat, and join the UAE chefs while they cook and share culinary stories together. In the afternoon, stop in for a cross-program discussion about wearing natural items between participants from the UAE and Earth Optimism. Stick around for the evening concert, Los Texmaniacs featuring La Marisoul and local opened Son Cosita Seria.

    See you back on the National Mall soon!

    Annabella Hoge is the 2022 Folklife Festival media intern, and Elisa Hough is the editor at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. Together they are Team Top Ten.

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