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  • Youth Speaks: "Diatribe of a Shepard's Son" by Benjamin Earl Turner

    Rhythm is not inherently musical, as Benjamin Earl Turner demonstrates in “Diatribe of a Shepard’s Son.” The ebb and flow of Ben’s poetry guides the audience along the journey of his verse, and challenges the perception of the norm.

    Ben is a member of Youth Speaks, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization based out of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Their aim is to “create safe spaces that challenge young people to find, develop, publicly present, and apply their voices as creators of societal change.” He, along with other poets from the organization, clearly exhibits his passion for speaking out against injustice, exposing inequitable societal norms, and acting as a catalyst for change.

    Videography: John Wetmore, Ryan Shank, Claudia Romano, Lillian Schneyer, Kamila Young
    Editing: Alexis Ligon

    Alexis Ligon is a video production intern at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. She is a student at Amherst College majoring in anthropology, music, and ethnographic film.

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