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  • Biotzetik Basque Choir: "White Dove"

    Beautiful landscape, delicious food, and melodious vocals—within this one song, the Biotzetik Basque Choir from Boise, Idaho, encapsulates three of the distinctive features of Basque culture. Performed on the Arts and Industries Stage at the 2016 Folklife Festival, the song “White Dove” tells of the beauty of the white dove flying in the sky but suggests that it may be more beautiful on the dinner table.

    Basque country is well known for its singing traditions, which have been maintained as forms of entertainment, prayer, and celebration. Within Basque American communities, traditional songs have been sustained through tight-knit choirs such as Biotzetik, which is made up of a range of first-generation Basques to “honorary” Basque Americans.

    Videographers: Pruitt Allen, Andrea Curran, Josh Davis, Ryan Shank
    Live sound mix: Ed “Guam” Rangel
    Text: SarahVictoria Rosemann

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