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  • Trío de Estudiantina Municipal de Ayacucho

    The Trío de Estudiantina Municipal de Ayacucho is part of a larger community ensemble that performs for fiestas, funerals, and other town events. They practice the huayno, a traditional genre with Andean roots that incorporates both pre-Hispanic and Western musical elements.

    While the 2015 Folklife Festival was temporarily moved indoors out of heavy rain, singer Felicitas Inés Ascarza de Cuba, mandolin player Pedro Cconislla Bellido, and guitarist Estanislao Medina Ramos filled the National Museum of the American Indian’s Rasmuson Theater with the sound of Ayacucho.

    Filmography: Cheng Chen, Paul Weiss
    Editing: Courtney Adkisson

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