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  • Senator Justin Morrill at the 2012 Festival

    Longtime Festival volunteer Robert Scow shares this 26-minute video he produced of Jon Vrana’s interpretation of Senator Justin Morrill at the 2012 Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s Campus and Community: Public and Land-grant Universities and the USDA at 150 program.

    Senator Justin Morrill was a U.S. congressman and senator from Vermont. In 1862, he sponsored the Morrill Act, also known as the Land-Grant College Act.

    Robert Scow is scientist emeritus at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. He is a longtime Smithsonian Folklife Festival volunteer.

    Jon Vrana is natural resources manager at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, as well as an amateur historian and Justin Morrill interpreter.

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