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  • Introducing UNUKUPUKUPU: Shrine of Ferns

    UNUKUPUKUPU—Dancing Beyond the Veil.
    UNUKUPUKUPU—Dancing Beyond the Veil.

    UNUKUPUKUPU, which means “Shrine of Ferns [Rooted in Fresh Lava]," is an earth-centric hula group from Hawai`i Community College that aims to bring an awareness of the role and the spirit of hula as a sacred dance into a modern global context.  Our traditional myths together with our scientific DNA postures one simple truth: we are all connected, and UNUKUPUKUPU is about fueling these connections to ensure that the human spirit continues to pulse and function in the face of modernity.  UNUKUPUKUPU provides a foundation for the promotion of environmental kinship in and beyond Hawai`i, doing so within the context of modern lifestyles.

    The University of Hawai`i system advocates for the role of indigenous life ways through academia, and UNUKUPUKUPU is a model for how indigenous foundations lead to learner success and position the learner as an advocate for environmental and global connections.  UNUKUPUKUPU’s performance team includes traditional and nontraditional college and university learners, faculty, staff, administrators, program coordinators, families and community members of all ages.

    He Welina Pumehana: A Warm Welcome, do come and experience the heartbeat of Hawai`i through our sacred expressions of hula, rekindling the very spark of knowing we are family!

    UNUKUPUKUPU will perform on the Justin S. Morrill Performing Arts Center stage at the Festival from June 27 to July 8.

    Read more about the group.

    Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō is a professor at Hawai‘i Community College and studied with Hālau O Kekuhi, one of Hawai`i’s noted schools of traditional dance.

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