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  • “Time Is On My Side”: American Rhythm and Blues

    In partnership with the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Festival features a special rhythm and blues (R&B) program that brings live music to our nation's front lawn. R&B was shaped by the migration of African Americans from southern rural areas who brought their musical traditions to northern and western urban areas during and after World War II. R&B took form during one of the most innovative periods of Black music during the 20th century.

    R&B encompasses a range of performance styles and ensembles, such as instrumental combos of various sizes, vocal groups, and solo artists and singers. Stylistically, R&B’s musical roots are in big band, gospel, vocal quartets, boogie, and blues.

    Listen to “Time is on My Side” by Irma Thomas below:

    Time Is On My Side- Irma Thomas

    Van Luong is the festival blogger for the 2011 Folklife Festival. 


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