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  • Whirlwind Experiences of Our Participant Staff Interns

    (Left to right) Alexa Silverman, Rebecca Sanders, and Rachel Cohen
    (Left to right) Alexa Silverman, Rebecca Sanders, and Rachel Cohen

    We are very fortunate to have great interns in participant staff! Their help is greatly appreciated, and we are as happy to have them as they are to be assisting with the Festival. Here is a bit of their experience in their own words:

    Rachel Cohen: “Everything was a whirlwind for the first few days with airport pickups, meal scans, and calling cards. But once everything settled, the real fun started to come out. I get the privilege to see these talented performers and craftspeople on and off stage, in their costumes and their pajamas! It has been a joy getting to know this year’s Festival participants from all around the country and world.”

    Alexa Silverman:  "After coming to the Festival year after year, there's still nothing that compares to seeing it from backstage. I've really enjoyed talking to all the participants about their culture and experiences, and helping to welcome them to Washington, D.C. It has also been wonderful to contribute to a production that has so often provided me with great experiences (and this year is no different!)."

    Rebecca Sanders:  “Working with participant staff has been awesome because we get to see the participants behind the scenes, when they are hanging out, eating meals, and performing for each other, rather than the public. It is cool knowing that all of our planning and preparation is finally paying off and that the participants are having a good time.”

    Diana Bossa Bastidas is the Colombia participant assistant for the 2011 Folklife Festival. 

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