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  • Folklife Festival T-Shirt Collectors

    Visitors, volunteers, and staff who make the Smithsonian Folklife Festival an annual event in their lives often collect Festival T-shirts. Here are photos of  T-shirts from the past. Most of the ones shown are from the collection of Arlene and Pete Reiniger, both staff at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

    T-shirt models are:
    Meredith Adhikari, Peace Corps Participant Assistant
    Diana Bossa-Bastidas, Colombia Participant Assistant
    Anna F. Kaplan, Rhythm and Blues Participant Assistant
    Jeannette Lara, Housing Coordinator
    Arnie Malin, Foodways Coordinator
    Pamela Rogers, IT Specialist
    Reshma Sinanan-Hill, Production Manager
    Laura E. Smith, Participant Coordinator
    Claudia Telliho, Financial Management Specialist

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