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  • Festival Marketplace: 2011

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    Located adjacent to the Freer Gallery of Art, this year’s Marketplace features crafts, jewelry, textiles, and recordings related to the Colombia, Rhythm and Blues, and Peace Corps programs. Here are a few items to look for at this year’s Marketplace:

    • Silk scarves and felt work from the Kyrgyz Republic
    • Wine vessels from Georgia
    • Wool and rugs  from Morocco
    • Woven crafts from Tonga
    • Alpaca items, ceramics, straw crafts from Peru
    • Weaving, jewelry, and leatherwork from Mali
    • Wood carvings from Jamaica
    • Jewelry and note cards from the Philippines
    • Beadwork and small needlework from Ukraine
    • Shea butter products and textiles from Ghana
    • Baskets from Kenya

    Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity to enrich your life while supporting the Festival artists and musicians. Many of the items we offer are made by people who are demonstrating and performing at the Festival, and with whom you have the opportunity to meet and interact. Many items are not available through regular retail outlets.

    The Marketplace is open every day of the Festival from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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